We have now set up Gussage Community Company Ltd as the organising body for the campaign, refurbishment and running of the Drovers Inn and are in a position to set up a Fighting Fund. The budget document for the fighting fund is available here.

We have already spent several hundred  pounds on professional fees and as we move forward with the Save The Drovers Campaign we will need funds to meet further expenses e.g. professional fees for surveys and legal advice, administrative fees and expenses for establishing the community benefits scheme and joining The Plunkett Foundation.

If you would like to contribute by cheque please make this payable to: Gussage Community Company Ltd and hand this to one of the following Steering Committee Members: Les or Mal Madell, Sally Marlow, David Crossley, Bob McCarthy, Bonny Humphris, Danny Wale, Justin Ward, Chris Payne, Jill Allen. Please contact us if you would like to receive the Gussage Community Company Ltd bank account details to make a direct transfer, we will be setting up a way to contribute through this website soon

We will arrange for you to receive a receipt and all moneys will be accounted for. Should there be a surplus this will be rolled into the Gussage Community Benefits Scheme. The share offer was launched on 15 May 2015. If you would like to pledge money towards buying shares when the pub is bought please complete the pledge document, the share offer and business plan are available from our documents page.

Cash contributions can also be made via the Steering Committee members listed above.

To become a member of Gussage Community Benefit Society Limited and invest in our venture, you need to complete the application form in the share offer and send it with a cheque made payable to Gussage Community Benefit Society Limited to the address given. Alternatively we have an online process using Microgenious.

We urgently need volunteers with accounting, legal, business management and construction experience to help form a working management committee to complete the detailed work needed for the next stage of Saving The Drovers.